Developed by:

Sledgehammer | Neversoft

Mission Name:


Game Mode:

Campaign - 14th Mission


Immediately following the release of Ghosts in 2013, I jumped at the chance to work on a level for Advanced Warfare. Sledgehammer Games entrusted Neversoft to design one of the last missions for the campaign. You and your squad have been captured, and in the hands of Atlas leader Jonathon Irons (Kevin Spacey). The mission takes place at an Atlas research facility (part death camp). During the mission the player loses control of his robotic left arm. This made for some interesting design choices and gameplay since the player cannot reload or ADS. You and your squad push through enemy lines, and gain control of an enemy Goliath (large mech suit) to escape the Atlas facility.

Concept Art | Kevin Chung

Key Responsibilities:

  • Iterated alongside 2 Scripters | 2 Artists

  • Collaborated with Tech Art | Animation | VFX on all Cinematic Moments

  • Optimized full Mission | Radiant Portaling | Umbra

  • (Unfortunately) Researched Death Camps | Gathered Reference

  • Collaborated with Co-devs at Sledgehammer Games

  • Designed Interior Research Facility | Prison Area | Incinerator Room Pit

  • BSP Blockout | First Pass Art to 65%