Developed by:

Infinity Ward

Mission Name:

"Black Sky"

Game Mode:

Campaign - 1st Mission


The Settlement Defense Front (Enemy Faction) have looted and destroyed a UNSA Weapons Lab on the ice moon of Europa, killing SCAR Team 7. Back on Earth, Captain Raines, Lt. Reyes, and Lt. Salter get notified of the attack during a “Fleet Week” celebration in Geneva, Switzerland. As the soldiers board a small drop-ship, the cities defensive AATIS Guns begin attacking the city. The SDF have taken over the AATIS Guns from the cities control tower. Fending off an ensuing battle, our heroes have to navigate through the crumbling city to take back the Control Tower and push back the Settlement Defense Front.

“Black Sky” was the level that we used to reveal the game at E3 2016. The mission was initially blocked out by 2 other designers. When we reached the First Playable milestone, I was tasked with redesigning the C6 Robot combat area, and the street portions leading up to the end of the mission. I was also assigned to do a first pass of art on the streets and building facades. The ending was heavily inspired by “Hill 400” and was a big focus for the studio. It was heavily featured in our marketing material and the Single Player reveal video. I took over the area during the E3 push, and shortly after took responsibility for the entire mission to work on until the game shipped.

Concept Art | Thomas A. Szakolczay

Key Responsibilities:

  • Iterated on all major combat beats from E3 to Ship

  • Collaborated with artists and directors to finalize mission flow | Pacing

  • Level Optimization and polish from E3 to ship (Portal | Umbra | closing bugs)

  • Designed C6 “Robot Alley” Combat | First Pass Art

  • “Hill 400” Polish | Redesign tasks based on Director feedback

  • Supported Animation and Narrative on all mission beats

Developed by

Infinity Ward

Mission Name

"Operation: Port Armor"

Game Mode:

Campaign - 3rd Mission


Lt. Nick Reyes (Player) and crew are tasked with retaking the cargo terminals on the Moon Gateway Port. The terminals hold valuable freight and other ships the UNSA have deemed critical for rebuilding their fleet after the recent SDF attack on Earth.

This mission was the first to go into production for Infinite Warfare. An early prototype of the mission was used as a green-light for Activision. Our goal was to prove that the gameplay of Call of Duty would work well in a space environment. The large structure built into a crater on the Moon was a theme I initially pitched early on and then prototyped in April 2014 with another designer (David Savage).

Concept Art | Thomas A. Szakolczay

Key Responsibilities:

  • Designed and iterated on all major combat beats through Alpha

  • Collaborated with artists, and directors to establish overall tone

  • Optimization and polish through launch (Portal | Umbra | Closing bugs)

  • Pitched ideas for Mission Narrative | Gameplay Mechanics

  • BSP Blockout | First Pass Art

  • Designed wall running and double jump tutorials